Dystopia is a competitive class based first person shooter set in a dystopian cyberpunk world where teams compete in an assault game type to attack and defend objectives. Each player is given the choice of three classes each with four unique weapons and a number of available slots for implants. Players must use these tools to fight in both "Meat space" and "cyberspace" to achieve victory.

Each map has different objectives but every single one has a cyberspace. This is the core mechanic that makes Dystopia different from every other FPS. Players have to fight in both Meat space (the real world) and cyberspace to capture objectives and advance or defend the front line. Players can enter cyberspace using a Cyberdeck, this is an important implant that takes up a large number of slots to use, this limits the players ability to take other important implants, this forcers players to defend their deckers so they can use Jack in points and fight in cyberspace. Once a player is decked in players still need to defend this player as their body is helpless and immobile while jacked into cyberspace.

Combat in cyberspace differs a lot from combat in meat space; players are extremely fast and able to walk on walls using pads that change the player's gravity. Gravity is also greatly reduced and players have to use their three weapons carefully to beat the enemy. Of course players need to be quick about defeating the enemy and completing their work in cyberspace because the energy used to power implants is also drained when taking damage in cyberspace, as well as expended to use programs in cyberspace and to just stay in cyberspace. Energy management is a big deal in Dystopia, fortunately defeating an enemy decker rewards you with an energy crystal so you can stay in cyberspace longer.

The combat in meat space is much more traditional like quake but still rewards players with a good aim and movement skills. The game also encourages multiple play styles by having each weapon support a different play style and the differing implants allowing players to further diversify with abilities such as stealth, healing or seeing through walls. Because each of the implants is so important, teams often have to share out the responsibilities of each implant so the team has no exploitable holes. Certain weapons also synergise well with certain implants such as the shotgun and the stealth implant, with a combo like this a player can run right up to an enemy unseen and then deliver a killing blow. But then a player with thermal vision and an assault rifle can spot the invisible player a mile away and shoot him down. Of course the beauty of Dystopia is there are very few hard counters so the better player tends to win, no matter the weapon and implant match up.

All this encourages players to work as a team to successfully win and use skill to overcome any adversary. Dystopia has a hard learning curve but is a very rewarding game once you get into it as every action has weight to it, for example players can only regenerate armour through death and healing health drains energy from the player with the medic implant. If you would like to know more about Dystopia you can watch a full clan match on Dj Wheat's website with commentary by myself Ian "Baron Lez" Nicholls and Mikey "Urinal cake" sanders there is also a Q and A session there. http://djwheat.blip.tv/file/1857899/
Dystopia can be downloaded for free here http://store.steampowered.com/app/17580//