About Me

Name: Ian Nicholls
D.O.B: 15th September 1987
Location: England

I currently reside in England and my main skills are the conception, design and documenting of ideas. I can also model, animate, build levels and apply scripting to these levels using editing tools. I am able to understand some scripting and programming languages at a basic level, including Python and LUA, and have excellent people skills.

Being a games designer has been my dream since a relatively young age. Iíve played and read about pretty much every game under the sun, so I can understand them, learn what makes them good and use that knowledge to make great games. These talents are what got me into working in the Half Life 2 mod scene, specifically on a game called Dystopia. I was originally a tester but later got hired to work on content design. I've learned a lot working on Dystopia and it has made me a much more creative person.

In my spare time I mostly write design docs and read developer interviews and post-mortems to try to understand new ideas, concepts and think up new ones of my own. I also play a lot of video games, as well as watch Letís Plays, speed runs and competitive gaming matches, as all these provide insights game design both good and bad, and into how players play games.

I used to do a gaming news podcast at Aggravated Gamers (unfortunately, the shows are no longer hosted on the website) as well, but showís host and myself ran out of free time to keep it up. Since then, I've graduate with a BSc in Games design from the University of Bolton, and have been employed at Real Time Worlds.


Software experience:

Development Experience:

Dystopia, a total conversion for half life 2

Content designer

All Points Bulletin, An MMO shooter

QA Tester


Bolton University

Didcot 6th Form