Video reels

These are videos of all my latest work, they can also be found across the site along with older works.


Dystopia is a cyberpunk multiplayer game for the source engine; it's a Half Life 2 mod that can be downloaded from Steam. It has won numerous awards in the past including Best mod during the independent gaming awards first modding competition in 2006. I worked as both a tester and a content designer for the team doing various tasks that were asked of me. More information about the game can be found around my site and on the games main page,

All points bulletin

APB is a third person shooter/MMO that was praised for its amazing customisation and smooth and stable launch. I worked as a quality assurance tester for the publishing department at Real Time Worlds and was responsible for testing the game and helping with its launch. My responsibilities included destructively testing the game and reporting bugs in JIRA, reporting quality issues, working the weekend and crunching. More information can be found on the site

Level Design

This was a level me and my friend Oscar made for level design 2 at Bolton University. Oscar recorded this for me. We worked together to design the level and get the scripting working. Considering the short space of time we had to make this in it came out really nice.

It's based off the nova prospect levels in HL2. We had to do a lot of research into them to capture the feel, even if it did end up a bit cleaner than Valve's vision.