Moral War

The objective of the game is simple; lead your troops to victory so they can destroy the enemy's fortress. Players can direct their troops to attack either the enemy hero or the enemy fortress. If another enemy troop attacks them, they will fight until one of them dies. The game is over if a players hero is killed or their fortress is destroyed. Players cannot damage each other or the fortresses; instead they rely on rallying their forces. Attacking an enemy player will only damage their moral. Moral is gained from killing troops with your hero. In the event time runs out, the winner is decided by the equation, LIFE left + Fortress life left, the player with the highest total wins.

Players personally control their hero much like how twin stick shooters work. One stick moves the character, the other stick aims where the hero will shoot.

Game screen concept

This image is a quick concept of a basic game screen. Both players have 4 HP (each letter is 1hp) and full moral (player's get 1 moral letter for every 10 moral points). Because moral is at maximum the troops spawned will have 5hp and deal 2 damage. Player 2 is shooting a troop and has gained 2 more troops and 2 moral points.

The match has 100 seconds left in it and the next wave will spawn in 8 seconds. When the save spawns player 1 will spawn 100 troops and player 2 will spawn 25 troops. These troop waves will walk towards the middle, fight and the winning teams troops will advance to the enemy base. Player 2 has 7 hp left on his base while player 1 still has 10. If time runs out player 1 will win.

Moral and troops

Moral also spawns stronger troops; the higher the player's moral is the better the troops that spawn.

  • Nothing: Troops have 3 hp and deal 1 damage
  • M: Troops have 4 hp and deal 1 damage
  • MO: Troops have 5 hp and deal 1 damage
  • MOR:Troops have 5 hp and deal 2 damage
  • MORA: Troops get x2 speed from being shot; up from x1.5 (applies to all MOR troops)
  • MORAL: If a troop is killed the enemy only gains 1 troop and 1 moral, troops killed by troops to not drain moral either (applies to all troops)

    Moral powers

    Moral can be used to power up your hero or your units, making it the most important tool in the game. Once a player gets 10 moral they gain a letter, a letter can be used to activate a special ability.

  • Double shot For 1 moral letter your hero will be able to have two shots on the screen at once for 20 seconds
  • Quad damage For 2 moral letters your hero will deal 4 times as much damage for 10 seconds
  • Health bonus For the cost of 2 moral letters all your units will be given a 1hp shield, this shield is destroyed after taking damage
  • Damage aura For 1 moral letter every troop around the hero will deal an additional 1 damage, this also applies to attacking heroes, this lasts for 10 seconds


    Players earn and lose moral based on how they kill troops and how their troops are killed. They can also buff their own troops by shooting them and harm the enemy's moral by shooting the enemy hero.

  • If a troop kills another troop, the hero of the dead troop will lose 1 moral.
  • If a hero kills a troop they gain 2 moral and 2 troops to summon.
  • If a hero shoots his own troop that troops gains a speed boost.
  • If a hero shoots an enemy hero, the enemy hero will lose 2 moral.
  • If a troop attacks a hero, that hero loses a life.